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When we are not busy, we are willing to make reproduction parts for old things. As long as you have an original we can usually use that as a pattern and make a copy out of aluminum or bronze. We make a lot of antique stove parts and antique tractor and engine parts, usually by replacing the original steel and iron with bronze. We have done a lot of gas pump parts and have a pattern in stock for a standard globe ring that we sell for $12 unpolished and undrilled.

We have done piano and organ parts, train parts, bumper car parts, light fixture parts; furniture hinges and drawer pulls, fence decorative finials and spears, antique boat parts, antique car parts, hotrod parts, airplane parts, antique truck parts, small gas driven toy cars, gun parts and just about anything else you can think of.

We have even been making a lot of furniture parts for students in furniture design school. They just mail us a wooden form and we send them back their quarterly project.

We are limited in length to about 18" long and weight of about 25 pounds in bronze. Pricing is determined by weight, cores and the difficulty in molding. Usually people just send us stuff and we E-mail back with a quote.

We don't like to make mass produce reproductions that people sell as antiques for obvious reasons but as long as people know it is a repro then we can give it a try.

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