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Recent Projects
Some of our latest projects

A boat builder near us came to us with an ingenius idea for a reverse oar system for a row boat. It is an excellent idea because you can see where you are going when you are rowing and it also has a sort of gear ratio so it takes less force than regular rowing. We worked with a local machinist to design 4 different bronze parts to get these into production. Check out their Web site: Gig Harbor Boat Works.

Real World Solutions in Bell, Florida is taking rotary Engines from Mazda RX7's and retrofitting them to work with airplanes. We are making some gear reduction housings for them . Check out these guys Web site, it is pretty interesting stuff.

A local pattern maker has designed a javelin catapult. He has built one and it is an amazing design. He will sell you the woodworking plans along with our castings. He is still working on his website but if you would like more information, give us a call and we can tell you what we know.

We have been helping inventor Riley Hopkins develop some new silk screen machines and improve his existing press printers. You can see some of these reasonably priced 6 color and 7 color T-shirt makers and some accessories on his website.

Have you seen those playground scoop contraptions that are showing up in all the playgrounds recently? A local guy has developed one that doesn't have any pinch points and is sturdier than those currently on the market. We are making the scoops for him. PowerLoader Website

A sign making company in San Diego were having trouble with rollers breaking on their sign press machines. We helped them design an aluminum one that cannot break. Here is their Web site with our roller part.

We made the cannon barrels for a 1/8 scale Napoleon cannon that can actually fire. It is a very detailed cannon and the cannon maker spends a lot of time to get a very fine piece of equipment. He is working on some other smaller models right now.

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