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What is Sand Casting?

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Sand Casting is done by packing sand around a pattern to form a mold. A pattern is the same form that the final casting will be. The mold is in 2 parts so the pattern can then be removed and the metal poured in to the resulting cavity. We use a synthetic sand that is mixed with a little bit of clay and water so it forms a smooth surface when packed.

To finish the castings, we sand or grind the parting line and gate contacts and then can sand blast or tumble them to give them an even finish. They can also be polished, painted or powder coated.

We have very low scrap rates in our foundry because it is fairly easy to control production variables. We can have consistant high quality parts with tolerances around .030" in most castings.

Sand Casting has very low tooling costs compared to other casting methods and the casting cost is still relatively low. Die-Casting, Permanent molding, and investment casting (lost wax) all can have tooling costs that are several times that of sand casting. Also with sand casting it is fairly easy to make changes to the pattern without having to start over with new tooling.

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